Growing business is a creative exercise. It does not require a degree or license. It requires basic childlike qualities like curiosity, inquisitiveness, imagination and enthusiasm backed with information, knowledge and skills.
Here are seven ways to grow your business that really work.
1. Grow your market.
Companies that want growth are always thinking about growing their market. They want to broaden their pond by playing on bigger fields like expanding their territories or finding new customer base. Increasing the market share is the name of the game.
2. Innovate your business
The leaders of growing companies realize that constantly innovating business is the key to a sustainable future. Innovation is not always about coming up with a new product or services. It also means how you can change the way you market your products. For example, when Domino’s Pizza wanted to innovate their business model, they became the first pizza company to create a ’30 minute express door step pizza delivery’ model.
3. Identify your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and become a brand.
If your business and the product and services you offer are not unique, you are just like everybody else. If you are not a brand, you are just a commodity. A brand will make the distinction in consumer’s mind.
4. Build leadership at all levels.
Make people at all levels accountable, responsible, disciplined and pro active. Bring organizational structure and alignment that function in unison to achieve the common goals.
5. Have a Vision of the future, knowledge of the past and awareness of the present.
Companies that have clear vision about the future of their business can invent their future while others who have no idea what future may bring may have to succumb to unseen circumstances.
6. Invest on your people.
Growth driven companies make their people competent through ‘skill building’ training, workshops and expose them to other markets through seminars and expositions.
7. Become a customer centric organization
All business exists for customers. All business grows when more customers are brought in to serve. Most of the functions of any business are customer acquisition, retention and customer service. Growing companies make themselves more valuable by providing more value to their customers.
When it come to marketing, what you want is unimportant. It is what your customer wants is important.
Grow your company around your customers with a motivated work force willing to serve their customers 24/7 and expand your markets to the new heights through constant innovation.

By Smiley