Is it Truly an Eco-Friendly Establishment?

Unfortunately, there appears to be quite a few hair salons and spas jumping on this greenwashing wagon. As a supporter of environmental causes for over 30 years, I opened and co-owned the first Eco-friendly day spa in Baltimore three years ago and then opened my organic, Eco-friendly skincare studio last year.
I would love to see all business adapt Eco-friendly practices. So recently when I saw that some spas and salons in the Baltimore area advertised as being Eco-friendly and/or organic I was very excited. Unfortunately upon further examination I found that they are not. They may incorporate one Eco-friendly practice such as recycling but that does not make you an Eco-friendly business.
Or they carry one organic line along with other products that contain toxic and harmful ingredients. To be truly “green” or organic is a commitment to a certain philosophy and lifestyle. My studio (and the Day Spa)used …