You’ve seen the sites – they offer loads of people and companies all looking for small and medium projects to be completed. All you have to do is register as a “guru” or provider. So how do you go about finding this extra work and winning those projects?
Well first of all you need to prepare yourself by setting up a good quality web site to showcase your past projects and potential abilities. You should ensure that it includes contactable references as well as your own contact details. Your web site will be used by you to demonstrate what you can and have done.
Now set up your account and profile on the site. Your profile should be professional, well spelt and include the types of work that you undertake.
Now for your bidding. I think that you will find the potential clients are looking for:
1) Honesty in your proposals – no outlandish claims.
2) References – examples of your work.
3) Good price – a fair price comparable with the work to be done.
4) Something a little extra – try and stand out from the other proposers.
5) Good English, grammar, spelling etc. – this reflects upon the work you will do.
Put together a good standard answer that identifies your company, the kind of projects you undertake and how you typically interact with your clients. For each potential project, you should then tailor this to show that you have read the project details, understand them and are able to provide the solution required. You should also them refer back to your quality web site, which will act as your reference. If you are not able to offer links in the answer, put your web site (or the words references on request) in your profile.
Be prompt and professional in all correspondence and aware that these sites are very competitive so you need to get as many completed projects as possible. So price to ensure this.
Good luck.

By Smiley