In the rainy season like now, very vulnerable to Dengue Fever. This should be a concern of the community to be more careful in maintaining health. Because, Dengue Fever cannot be underestimated.

Many victims have fallen because of the Dengue Fever case. Although only an intermediary for dengue virus, Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes breed more rapidly during the rainy season. Environmental conditions that support its development make the case of Dengue Fever increase. Though this Mosquito doesn’t like dirty places, the Aedes Aegypti Mosquito is easily found in puddles around the house.

Then, how to prevent it so that beloved families avoid the danger of Dengue Fever? It turns out that the steps are very easy to do. Here are some tips that anyone can run:

Schedule outdoor activities

Mosquitoes often roam around dawn, evening and dusk. To avoid being bitten, rearrange outdoor activities and activities when Mosquitoes roam.

Wear closed clothes when outdoors activities

If you cannot avoid outdoor activities or have to visit areas that are prone to Dengue Fever, wear covered clothes. Mosquitoes like the wrists, legs and neck. Wear socks or a jacket and a long shirt.

Thick, thick grass is home to mosquitoes. Especially with the thick plants, we are not aware of any standing water. Prune and weed the plants in the rainy season so that mosquitoes do not nest.

Avoid piling up items and hanging clothes

The rainy season hinders washing activities, as a result of which clothes often hang. Mosquitoes love the scent of the human body so that the pile of clothes becomes his favorite place. It’s better to fold clothes and store them in a closed place.

Use buzz b gone to kill mosquitoes

Put buzzbgone in the bedroom, under the table and sofa and corner of the room. Buzz B Gone is an innovative device that can kill mosquitoes and insects, equipped with ultraviolet light that can attract mosquitoes into buzz b gone and kill it with a 360-degree rotating fan making buzz b gone as a mosquito repellent that is right to look after your home.

Put mosquito repellent plants

If you have never heard of, there is a plant called Zodia which is believed to help prevent mosquitoes from coming into your room. This plant is widely sold in the market and how to care for it is also easy. Place the Zodia plant under the outside window or near the entrance.

With routine prevention, naturally recalcitrant mosquitoes can be eradicated and reduce the risk of Dengue Fever.

By Smiley