Some business owners don’t realize the importance of website visibility especially for a small new online business it is extremely important, however in a nutshell all businesses need to be visible to the public to become successful. You can’t just rely on word of mouth. If people don’t know who you are or where to find you, more than likely there’s going to find someone else they will be able to find and that’s like throwing your money out the window. In this economy that wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do. Our world’s population is roughly 6,930,055,154 people. Out of this number of people about 360,985,492 of them search the internet regularly.
Now that is a good reason to get your website visible and top ranking on Google. It only takes one view too generate business really, sure you can invest tons of money on making your website pretty with amazing graphics and appealing pictures on it, but if your site isn’t ranking on the first page where most people are searching your just wasting your time and money.
Here are a few common expensive mistakes many business owners make: First let’s start with keywords, it is very important to put a lot of thought into the keywords or keyword phrases you choose to use to directly link to your site because if they aren’t relevant or pertaining to your website your chances of first page visibility is not likely to occur. Consumers searching for your product or service will more than likely not find you over your competitors and we don’t want that. It’s also a pointless attempt at attracting traffic to your site, it’s better to have a range of good keywords because Google will only use them once anyways.
It’s also important not to rely on small text for your website or hiding your keywords with small text instead set the text at a normal visible size because you want people to see it and the search engines to accept it. The biggest mistake of all is using free web hosting, if you’re serious about getting your website visible on the first page of Google, this is not the avenue to go down because many time search engines eliminate the content from these free hosting websites. Some search engines no longer even index pages residing on common free Web hosting services. Their complaint is that they get too many spam or low-quality submissions from free Web site domains.

By Smiley