Social media, of late, has become a new medium for marketing and branding. The reason behind is its worldwide popularity. Millions of visitors regularly come to such platforms and share many things. Seeing this trend marketers have started promoting their brand on these platforms for better engagement. Every industry is vying for more online engagement through social media and it is time that promotional industry, too, show up its engagement along with others.
Some of the most popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linked-can contribute immensely to help you reach millions worldwide. With these sites you can build relation with your target audience and can highlight your brand.
It would be logical to use social sites for your promotional campaign. In order to use social networking sites as promotional tool you need to first make people follow you. How will you make your audience follow you completely depends on how effectively you can touch their problem areas and provide solutions. Discuss things not only about you but also provide some industry related updates or share your experience about using a new product recently launched in the market. This way you can gradually get connected to your audience and create followers for you.
In order to engage more people for your campaign you can show your followers some of the older promotional pics ran by you which were great hit. You can also disseminate information about your forth coming promotional event.
You can also run a contest like winning a holiday. In that case you can ask people upload their pics along with the promotional staffs holding up a sign with your company logo. Then you announce that the photo with the most “likes” will be the winner.
Now here is the catch!
In order to mark “like”, first you need to be a fan of the Facebook page by “liking” it.
This will make the photographed person to “like” your Facebook page and become a fan along with their other friends.
This eventually will lead to huge number of people becoming fans of your Facebook page and now you can engage those fans for your promotional campaign.
Once you get customers’ attention on your social media page it becomes easier for you to reach your customers’ for any promotional updates and that’s how they get engaged.
This will not only save useful resources but will also ensure that your campaign gets the necessary attention unlike other ways of marketing through flyers which finally end landed on floors. The response is quick and huge as you are reaching out to larger audience.
If you are still thinking with a confused state of mind you are losing out opportunities as your competitors may already create a page for themselves and might start a campaign.
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