Even the Busiest Person Has Time to Network

As a busy executive with a fulfilling personal life, you probably do not prioritize business networking as an important activity to meet new contacts. There are just so many appointments involving so many people that it is difficult to think about meeting even more people, right?
Even if this seems logical, it is very wrong when you consider that, anyway, we meet lots of new people every day and this doesn’t alter our schedules, and also that if you do not expand regularly your circle of acquaintances, you could be jeopardizing your chances for business growth and success.
If you know 200 people, and your contacts know another 200 each, we’re talking about 40,000 potential leads right at your fingertips. You surely don’t want to miss your share of info on a good job, more clients, an opportunity for a deal, a writing assignment, an investment break, or the best …

Even the Busiest Person Has Time to Network

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