For anyone seeking to achieve more and make money then self employment is the way to go. Research has proved that most of the rich people have employed themselves. It therefore goes without saying that with a good business idea and plan then achieving financial freedom is possible.
The first and most crucial element to make it in the business world is to be psychologically prepared. Having a business mindset enables you to think clearly and hence come up with sound business ideas and business plans. In addition it helps you focus clearly in case you encounter setbacks which are normal in any business.
The other thing is to start small. Most of these big corporations we see started as small business enterprises. Since making mistakes is common, when you start small you can learn from this slip-ups and build from there. Connect with people who can mentor you. These should be individuals whom you respect and have more experience than you. It is from such connections you can have transfer of skills.
Before going into self employment it is advisable to have a sound plan like setting a deadline on when you intend to quit from your job. Make a point of making it on your calendar, look forward to it and work hard towards setting all the parameters so as to have a smooth transition.
You will definitely encounter setbacks and discouragements but one thing is for sure if you hold on you will live to tell the success story. Anyway, nothing good in life is gotten easily without breaking a sweat.

By Smiley