The jewellery designer Mitchell Binder, owner of King Baby Studio, at one of his Nashville areas. Experts say online sales have fueled an increase in fakes, complicated patrons and stymieing makers from Cartier to unbiased artisans. Slick Rick, left, pictured in 1988, was a pioneer in hip-hop jewelry, popularizing giant Dookie rope chains, whereas also adorning himself with crowns, scepters, and other motifs that became synonymous together with his look. LL Cool J, right, pictured in 1988, wears four-finger rings and Dookie chains, some of the most iconic stylings in hip-hop history. Ali creates many items which have a back-to-basics approach and touches on what Tobak describes as remixing the principles of the jewellery while adding her own taste. Sean “Diddy” Combs, pictured in New York City in 2016, with distinctive link gold necklaces and a diamond medallion pendant.

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