Many network marketers are moving online to find more people to help grow their business. Although Online marketing is a great way to grow your business, you really need to know what your doing to drive traffic to a lead capture page. Many people spend so much time online and don’t ever talk to people. They feel like they can make a lot of money not having to talk to people on the phone. However, most people won’t join before talking to someone over the phone. But many people won’t call their prospects that they generate online since they are scared of the phone. I have been in that situation myself.
That is why I recommend Todd Falcone’s courses that teach you how to prospect and grow your network marketing business. Some of the courses include Winning in the Game of Prospecting, Little Black Book of Scripts and Insider Secrets of recruiting Professionals. My favorite course is the Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals since it teaches you how to recruit professionals that already do the same things that network marketers do and get paid the same way network marketers get paid.
Those are the people that sell, recruit, lead and manage. Their payment structure is mostly based on performance, which means that make a commission or a performance bonus. These people include realtors, mortgage brokers, stockbrokers, Inside sales people, Outside Sales People, Managers, Customer Service representatives and Network Marketers.
This course includes 14 audio CDs, which includes 8 CDs where Todd Falcone talks about the characteristics of each group and how to find people in those groups. In those CD’s He emphasizes the importance of knowing the hot buttons of each of those groups and how to approach each of those groups over the telephone.
The other 6 CD’s are live lead dials where Todd is calling and talking to real estate professionals over the phone. You get to learn how to approach those professionals and how he gets professionals to say YES to taking a look at Your Business.
Finally the course includes 4 DVDs where Todd teaches you how to find Professionals on the Web using the search engines. It is amazing how many people you can talk about your business. You will never run out of people to talk to since it would take you a life time to talk to all of them.
So if you are Struggling to Generate Leads for your business online or sick and tired of buying and cold calling dead-beat over-priced leads then this is the course for you. Best of all, this is a free method for finding leads for your network marketing business. You don’t have to spend a dime on those leads.

By Smiley