I recently re-read a book that I read many years ago. It was a great reminder of the power of the mind. It’s like I tell the people that I coach, “If you think you are a winner you’re probably right. If you think you are a loser, you’re probably right.”
The Magic of Thinking Big is a great book that will help you recognize that you’re thoughts and belief in yourself are the aspects that are propelling you forward or holding you back. Knowing this is probably nothing new to you however the tough part is to learn how to develop the power of belief.
Schwartz suggests three ways to develop belief:
1. Think of success, not failure. At work, at home, substitute success thinking for failure thinking. When you face a difficult situation, think, “I’ll win,” not “I probably lose.” When you compete with someone else, think, “I’m equal to the best,” not “I’m outclassed.” Let the master thought “I-Will-Succeed” dominate your thought process. Thinking success conditions your mind to create plans to produce success. Thinking failure does the exact opposite. Failure thinking conditions the mind to think other thoughts that create failure.
2. Remind yourself daily that you are better than you think you are. Successful people are not supermen. Success does not require a super intellect. Nor is there anything mystical about success. And success isn’t based on luck. Successful people are just ordinary folks who have developed belief in themselves and in what they do. Never sell yourself short.
3. Believe big. The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief. Think little goals and expect achievements. Think big goals and achieve big success. Remember this too! Big ideas and big plans are often easier-certainly no more difficult-than small ideas and small plans.
Saying that, why would you settle for a job that you don’t like? Why would you settle for not getting the last promotion? Why would you settle for the dysfunctional relationship that you are in? Why not go into business for yourself? Why not be your own boss? Why not do something big that you will be remembered for?
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Kiven Wenman

By Smiley