Once you have built your website then next important part is to get your site noticed and generate traffic to your website. You built your website to make an internet marketing opportunity so if no one knows it is there then it will be a waste of time building it in the first place. To generate traffic to your internet business opportunity you must position your site or sites prominently in their respective niches.
I will touch on a few of the key areas which will drive traffic to your website and explain how these work in conjunction with internet business opportunities and helping your site become noticed.
Pay Per Click advertisements, these are services that allow you to put a small ad for which you only get charged when someone clicks onto your ad. These advertisements are positioned somewhere on the webpage when someone searches for your chosen keyword. There is the option of having your ad appear on other websites that relate to your chosen keyword. The most popular option and the market leader in this type of internet marketing opportunity is Google AdWords, Yahoo also have a pay per click service.
Google AdWords, your site can be advertised on Google for free through what is called an ‘organic’ listing, which make up the pages and pages of search results. The Pay Per Click advert will appear at the top and on the right hand side of every Google search for the searched keyword. This is a pay per click advert so for every click you get on you Google ad, you will pay a small charge but this can quickly add up every day.
When using Pay Per Click advertisements the following rules are recommended.
1. Use specific keywords that relevant to your niche.
2. Research your keywords that you want to bid on very carefully, there may be a variation of your keyword that could be a lot cheaper per click.
3. Make sure that your landing page is relevant to the keyword, if a user clicks on a word related to a product but the site opens up the home page the user will be lost trying to find the product. Make sure that the internet business opportunity is not lost by directing the user straight to the sale.
4. Be aware of when to stop a campaign. If your ad is not pulling in the traffic, change it. If people are clicking through but not completing the sale then you may be targeting the wrong people and therefore the wrong keyword. There are many internet business opportunities so you have to be aware of which ones work for your website and which do not.
5. Have tight hold of your budget, with these pay per click ads the amount spent can quickly add up if your keyword is a popular one. A daily budget can be set up so you do not go over what you cannot afford.
Using Google AdWords can be very expensive if not operated correctly. A lot of research has to be done before setting up the campaign. Make sure you have these tools to hand. There is a vast amount of information available through Google so make the most if it and choose the right keywords for your internet business opportunity.

By Smiley