Selling a home, an office or a plant is not easy as easy as everyone thinks especially nowadays when everyone is almost strapped for cash. The process could be frustrating; especially if you are a home or business owner who considers having potential buyers inspect every nook of your property an invasion of your privacy. The thought of someone else occupying what you consider as your own kingdom could be so painful that oftentimes, people prefer to have an intermediary or a broker to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly.
If it is your first time to sell a property of your own, your inexperience can greatly affect the whole deal – from pricing to the speed of transaction itself. Getting the services of a third party like a broker would improve your chance of successfully selling your business. Besides, most brokers have a long list of contacts who can be your potential buyers. However, you must not put everything into the hands of your broker because there are a lot of things that you need to do personally if you want to sell your home or business.
Here are the top ten tips on how you can successfully sell your property.
1. Get your property ready for the sale before sticking the “For Sale” sign on your window, door or wall. Some buyers would just drive by to view your property. Be sure to give them the best impression. Make your property appealing enough to make the potential buyer decide to offer. For it. Mow the lawn or your front yard, repaint the fence and the walls and make your property as welcoming as it should. Do the same with the interior. Arrange all furniture in an orderly but artful manner. If you are selling a home, make it as cozy and comfortable as you desire it to be. Your aim is to make the potential buyer feel good inside your property, which would prompt him to consider it the place he is looking for. In addition, prepare all the documents pertaining to your property.
2. Make a checklist of all the information potential buyers would most likely ask, including all important papers. Place them inside an envelope or a folder and be ready to produce them anytime. The buyer will ask for the appraisal of your property, your tax receipts and certificates from various agencies involved such as the Department of Environment, the Fire Department and the Department of Health. Being caught unprepared to handle all these documents upon demand could be a turn-off to any potential buyers.
3. Do business as usual. If you are selling a home, make it look like it has been occupied by happy people. Leave some furnishings even if you have vacated your house already. No one wants to buy a cold and unwelcoming home. If the property for sale is a business office or store, continue with your usual operations. Buyers would like to see how strong your business is in attracting clients and customer. The healthier your business, the more people would want to buy it.
4. Be realistic when pricing your property. Some property owners set a very high price on their property. This alone could drive away potential buyers. Check the current market value of your property and consider inflation when naming your price.
5. Always safeguard vital information about the business deal. Some data that you will share with your potential buyers could be highly confidential. Ask them to keep all these to themselves and not to divulge the information to others. Make them sign a confidentiality agreement before handling them all details.
6. Be ready to make adjustments when needed. Not all buyers would agree right away to your terms. Always have the common sense to meet them half-way.
7. Do not demand or give orders but instead, act as a very good negotiator. Many sellers lose potential buyers because of the way they deal with them. Listen to them, analyze their proposals and negotiate.
8. Give yourself time for more offers. Remember that competition among buyers who are all interested in your property could increase the chances of getting a very good offer.
9. Speed up the deal. Once you have a buyer already, do everything to expedite the sale. Closing the deal as fast as you can save both the buyer and you time, effort and money.
10. Let the buyer know that he or she can contact you anytime if ever they encounter problems in the transition of ownership. You can also offer our services as consultant until such time that they can handle the property on their own.
The most important point to remember is that you need proper planning before you sell your property to ensure a successful transaction.

By Smiley