The best businesses often start with the best reasons.
Truly, if you have a good reason why you start your business, offline or online, then there is a higher likelihood that you will follow up with it, and for it to take off and grow.
Why? Simple – something that you agree with will resonate with you, and with the things you do. Naturally what you agree with, you will do more often, and more readily.
Now, before you embark on your journey to build your business, take some timeout and focus much more on finding your reasons why you should start a business, why that particular business and why not another business field.
You see, it’s not the “What” but the “Why” that will get you through to the end. The “Why” will keep you committed to the process of learning and of making mistakes and of down cycles; so yes, keep your eyes on the goal, but keep being committed to fulfilling the process and steps required to reach the goal of your choice.
We are driven by needs that are much deeper than simply “surviving” or “just to make sure there’s food on the table” but with reasons deep enough to touch on issues such as reasons why we exist and our purpose.
That’s right, I’m talking about purpose.
By finding out your reasons why, you can find out your purpose, and with purpose comes great determination, and that’s give you enough fuel to reach your targeted destination.

By Smiley