MLM success IS not only achievable, it is VERY lucrative.
But, first things first.
You simply cannot ignore the fact that MLM success is NOT achieved by roughly 98{647aec8ab64035edf0afc86209c5078c3e68e7e342959ce73efc669d6cb5b50f} of all those who try it.
This 98{647aec8ab64035edf0afc86209c5078c3e68e7e342959ce73efc669d6cb5b50f} failure rate has NOTHING to do with the opportunity as much as it has to do with the outdated methods most are taught to use in building their businesses.
Success in MLM does not come from pestering friends and family about your new opportunity. It’s not about making a list of people you know and getting them onto a three-way call with your upline.
It’s not about using the “three foot rule”, giving out flyers and business cards, doing hotel meetings, or anything like that. MLM success, instead, comes from targeted marketing and relationship building. ALL of the ‘heavy hitters’ KNOW this.
So WHY does your upline tell you to do these things?
Simple! It’s the EASIEST and FASTEST way for your upline to help you get your business started. It is MUCH more difficult to teach you how to market effectively. The fact is, your immediate upline sponsor probably doesn’t know much about marketing either.
They are simply perpetuating the gross misdirection they have received.
So, how do you achieve MLM success?
As stated earlier, it is achieved by targeting your market and building relationships.
Let’s talk about building relationships first. Here is a simple fact: people buy from those whom they trust.
It is critical that you first establish yourself as someone to be trusted, the expert, the one who knows what’s best, knows the product, knows the compensation plan, has been successful, AND knows how to teach them to be successful.
If you’re pitching me on your opportunity as being the KEY to my financial freedom, my ‘get out of jail’ card, allowing me to quit my J.O.B, but you’re still working a 9 to 5, do you REALLY think you have something of value to offer me? Do you think I really TRUST you to know what you’re talking about? I DON’T THINK SO!
Trust is critical!
Next, you must be able to identify your market and offer your product or service to THIS market.
You need to identify the profile of those in the marketplace who will benefit from your product and are willing and able to pay for it.
Learning the skills of a marketer will enable you to achieve absolutely ANY level of success you are looking for. It is one skill that will enable you to effectively build any business you like.
The most powerful marketing tool that has ever come into existence is the INTERNET. The internet has literally opened up the world to you. It’s as easy to market globally as it is to market to your next door neighbor.
Using the internet to market your business can be daunting but there is some GREAT training available from a number of sources.
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By Smiley