The rising cost of energy is forcing every business owner to look for ways to slash energy use. Energy bills that were insignificant a decade ago are now straining pocketbooks. Even the most radical changes are starting to look plausible if they will lower the monthly utility bill. Saving energy is good for both the wallet and the environment -every bit of energy saved means less greenhouse gases are pumped into the atmosphere. Luckily, there are a number of easy and painless ways business owners can reduce energy use.
Raise the Thermostat in Summer and Lower It in Winter
Changing the set point on the thermostat by as little as one degree can lower the average utility bill by as must as eight percent. Most people can adapt to a thermostat change of as much as five degrees.
Turn Office Equipment Off
Computers, monitors, photocopiers and the like use a lot of power. Turning them off at night and on the weekends can save a significant amount of power.
Install Energy Efficient Lighting and Motion Sensors
Some energy efficient bulbs use as little as 10 percent of the energy the old incandescent bulbs consume. The payback time for switching to compact fluorescents or LEDs can be as little as two months. Energy efficient bulbs also last longer. Motion sensors will automatically turn lights on and off when people enter the room, which will reduce energy use even further.
Use Natural Lighting
Artificial lights use up a lot of energy. Remove curtains and blinds to take advantage of any windows or skylights in the building. Cleaning the windows on a regular basis will also increase the light they provide.
Buy Energy Efficient Equipment
New equipment is much more efficient than older models. Be sure to buy the most energy efficient unit the budget will allow when it is time to replace a piece of equipment. This will save on business electricity no end.
Weatherproof the Office
A lot of energy is lost due to air leaks. Check the weather stripping around all doors and windows. A can of caulk can often do as much to reduce energy use as a truckload of insulation. Light switches and electrical outlets are another major source of air leaks. These can be plugged by putting foam gaskets behind the plates.
Insulate the Ducts and Pipes
Air loses or gains heat, depending on its temperature, as it travels through the ducts in the HVAC system. The same thing happens when hot water travels from the heater to a sink. Both events cause energy use to increase. An easy way to stop this is to insulate the pipes and ductwork with foam or fiberglass insulation.

By Smiley