Unfortunately, there appears to be quite a few hair salons and spas jumping on this greenwashing wagon. As a supporter of environmental causes for over 30 years, I opened and co-owned the first Eco-friendly day spa in Baltimore three years ago and then opened my organic, Eco-friendly skincare studio last year.
I would love to see all business adapt Eco-friendly practices. So recently when I saw that some spas and salons in the Baltimore area advertised as being Eco-friendly and/or organic I was very excited. Unfortunately upon further examination I found that they are not. They may incorporate one Eco-friendly practice such as recycling but that does not make you an Eco-friendly business.
Or they carry one organic line along with other products that contain toxic and harmful ingredients. To be truly “green” or organic is a commitment to a certain philosophy and lifestyle. My studio (and the Day Spa)used sustainable furnishings, painted the walls with low voc paints, uses only compact fluorescent lighting, all stationery (business cards, menus and all office supplies) are made from recycled papers. Get my drift?
As for organics, besides the ingredients coming from organic sources, I make sure that none of my products contain any toxic, petroleum based, or gmo ingredients that are harmful to human beings, animals or the planet. One spa which claims to use organic products is offering paraffin treatments. Well, for those of you who don’t know, paraffin is a petroleum based product.
So buyer beware. If you are looking for products, businesses or services that are Eco-friendly or organic do your research. Ask questions. Do not take a name or claims for granted. I look forward to the day when all business take the time to learn how to be green and embrace the philosophy.

By Smiley