After getting done with your book, you will be on your way now to opening it to the market. But if this is your first time, try to discover some tips from the internet regarding with the pricing of your newly launched Ebook.
The price of an eBook depends on the content that you have made, but usually you have to go with the range of prices from $7-$14. On the other hand, you can be able to charge a little bit higher once you have created special Ebooks. Try to check with other available Ebooks in the internet so that you can determine their prices and you can compare your own.
Always remember to keep the price of your eBook in affordable price but never make it very low to avoid people to think negatively regarding your Ebook. Though, you also have to remember that you have many competitors in that business and your potential costumers may just check with other Ebooks that are available online and they may find numerous affordable prices and buy it instead.
Seeing yourself in this position, 1st thing that you will do basically is to cut off your price right away. But that is not a good decision because consumers who bought your eBook in its original price will wonder why the sudden alteration of prices. You will receive bad feedbacks that can affect your reputation and it might be hard for you to sell your second edition of your Ebook.
So you have to remember being a first timer on creating and selling Ebook, you have to be conscious and aware with the prices. Sell it in affordable prices, but not too low and not too expensive.

By Smiley