If you’re considering starting your own mobile food franchise, congratulations! You’re on your way to a simple-to-operate business that will allow you to serve great food without the high overhead of owning a restaurant. Entrepreneurs just like you are making money right now while being their own bosses and enjoying financial freedom.
You’re thinking of joining the mobile food trailer industry at just the right time. When the economy is hitting other industries hard, the mobile food concession business is booming, doubling their market share in the last 12 months. Get in on the ground floor of a turn-key operation that will have you realizing your full potential very quickly.
The best franchises makes it simple to enter the fast casual restaurant industry. Their mobile food franchise models have done the work for you. You step into your custom food trailer, and you’re up and running from the first day. They offer inventory control and prep procedures that allow you to bypass the years of trying to get it right by trial and error. Their proven systems, combined with low initial-investment requirements, allow you to enter this industry with the necessary training and knowledge, as well as a solid financial position.
Their mobile food systems allow for rapid deployment. Once you have signed your agreement you will finalize your trailer order built to our specs and outfitted just for you! Site location and permitting will begin immediately, allowing you to begin your training. While other new fast casual restaurant franchisees are still scrambling for a place to start a business, you’re already open for business.
You’ll get a site selection matrix that takes into account traffic, accessibility, aesthetics and green space. You can also choose your own criteria to further narrow down your prospective locations.
Worried about getting the right permits? The best franchises are right there guiding you through zoning and permits as well as labor regulations. They’ll even get you authorized to setup in two different seasonal locations so you can operate year-round.
The best mobile food franchises will actually care that you succeed. They want you to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. They provide strong back-office systems for all your reporting and their training program will empower you to successfully run your business like a pro.
If you have energy, enthusiasm and a strong desire for success, the top mobile food franchises can match your level of commitment. Join a team of mobile concession professionals who are leading the way in this new industry.

By Smiley