Free Web Traffic is what every Website owner longs for. How to get the maximum amount of free traffic is an issue that will remain in their minds all the time. This will be indeed be one of the major issues confronting you if you are new to online business. There are several strategies for getting small volumes of free web traffic but these three free strategies can sky-rocket your online business if they are implemented properly.
1. Writing Articles:
This is considered to be one of the best ways of generating free website traffic. Writing articles has become extremely popular because of the possibility of getting thousands of one way inbound links and a huge volume of traffic for your website. You cannot take it for granted that all articles will generate traffic. To achieve success you have to adopt certain strategies to grab the attention of the audience, get them to read your article and visit your website through the link in the resource box.
For all this to happen your article should have a powerful or catchy title to attract the attention of the audience in the first instance. Then you should display you expertise in no uncertain terms on topics that are relevant to the theme of your website. You should also ensure that your targeted keywords are judiciously placed in the body of the article and in the title to attract the search engines. Your resource box too should captivate the reader’s attention and motivate and inspire him to visit your website.
In addition to this your articles should be submitted to some of the leading article directories such as Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Article Dashboard and Amazines. This will soon start a viral effect as webmasters pick up these articles and publish them in their websites.
2. Social networking Sites and Bookmarking Sites:
The rise in Social Networking today is tremendous and has become top priority for smart webmasters. Popular sites such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn can generate a huge amount of free web traffic if you tactfully network with the other members without resorting to spamming. To get started you have to register yourself with these sites, place a link in their profile pages and start networking.
Similarly Social Bookmarking Sites such as Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon and Reddit can generate large amounts of free traffic to your website. After registering with these sites you can bookmark your websites, articles, blog posts or any other form of web content which can be made available to the public thereby generating free website traffic to your website.
3. Posting at Forums:
Posting at Forums can generate a large amount of free website traffic if you go about doing things the right way. You have to first join discussion forums in your niche or the category to which your site belongs. You have to actively participate in the discussions by posting useful and helpful comments and start building a reputation. This will not take a long time if you visit the forums regularly. Most forums allow you to leave your signature with a link to your website. Once other members begin to appreciate your expertise and helpfulness, free web traffic will start flowing from all the forums to your website.
There are several ways of getting free web traffic but these three are outstanding strategies that are absolutely free and have the power not only to sky-rocket your online business but also to brand yourself in the internet world.

By Smiley