Over the last couple of years it has seemed like a prerequisite that for you to be successful as a network marketer, additionally you needed to become an online marketing expert. Every training available tells you ways to squeeze a little more marketing horsepower from your efforts. So in this tech savvy day and age, is it truly essential for you to become an expert in SEO?
For everybody who is not sure what I’m referring to. SEO is the common name for search engine optimization. This is the process which it is used to make a website, blog post or other piece of content more favorable in the online search engine rankings.
It s very helpful to step back from the hype for a moment and remember the history of our business. People have been creating incomes through direct sales businesses for over a hundred years. Amway was making millionaires before anyone owned a working laptop or computer or the world wide web existed. We must remember these facts to connect with the fact that this business model has worked for many people long before technology entered the picture.
Multi level marketing has long been and will remain a business built on interpersonal relationships. It is a friend sharing their business, service or product with another friend or acquaintance, that has built incomes through the years. The introduction of technology into the picture has not changed this basic fundamental truth. Our modern advances simply allows a network marketer to share their business, product or service with a larger group of individuals over a broader geographic range in a much much faster manner.
Ultimately, SEO is a tool that a network marketer can utilize to improve the volume and quality of traffic to their internet site. Having the knowledge to optimize the site will provide greater opportunities for lead generation and interpersonal contact. When you talk to those who utilize optimization strategies with their business, you will find that most of them still are building their business through the means of interpersonal contact. The website traffic is merely a means of communicating to increased numbers of people on a daily basis.
So back to the original question: “Do you really need to learn SEO?” If you intend to build a long term internet business, then you would be wise to invest the time to learn these skills. Let me stress, that this learning should not be done at the expense of your daily business building disciplines. You need to be talking to people about your business every day and learning these techniques as you go. In the long run you will have a stronger business, because you have not only learned how to drive traffic to your website, but more importantly you have learned to talk to people about your business.

By Smiley