Quoting ocbcnisp.com, stock taking is the calculation of the physical stock of an item stored in the warehouse before being marketed. stocklot garment buyers in indonesia The preparation of stock taking consists of direct inspection, arrangement of goods, positioning of goods according to entry and exit, and adjustment of accounting records with physical stock.

A number of experts also have their own understanding regarding stock taking. The following is the meaning of stock taking from experts:

Knowing the quality and inventory of traded goods so that companies can swiftly replace poor quality goods.

Knowing the inventory of raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods as a form of company anticipation so as not to run out of stock of materials or products that are ready to be traded.

When is stock taking done?

In a year, stock taking needs to be done at least once as a management effort as well as good responsibility for the goods being marketed. stocklotimporter However, stock taking cannot be done at any time. There are three time options that businesses can use to implement stock taking, namely:

1. Daily

Stock taking can be done daily, depending on the needs of the business. Generally, daily stock taking is carried out when the goods being traded have a high level of durability or a short life span, for example food and beverages.

2. Periodic

The next choice of time is periodic, for example per quarter (three months), per semester (6 months), or per year. Business people can choose the intensity according to the urgency or urgent situation, needs, and ability to carry it out.

3. Events

Apart from daily and periodic, stock taking can also be done based on events. For example, National Shopping Day tends to generate a rush of orders due to big promotions. As a result, companies need to carry out stock verification to ensure the stock posted on the site matches the original stock.

How to do stock taking

There are three steps that need to be implemented in carrying out stock taking. In general, stock taking requires quite a long time so that the implementation must be carried out as effectively as possible. Here’s how to do a stock take:

1. Initial Stage

In the early stages, the top party needs to notify the warehouse staff to tidy up and separate products based on the categories set by the company. Tags or stickers can play an important role in separating goods that have been counted and not during stock taking.

2. Preparation Stage

The second stage is conducting briefings related to the duties of each staff. Until operational closing hours the day before stock taking, employees need to include a description of the time in the goods transfer process. There may be no additional item mutations after the end of operational hours until the stock taking procedure is complete.

3. Stock taking stage

After the initial and preparatory stages are complete, a new stock taking can be carried out. Stock taking duties include:

Ensure that all goods transactions have been recorded into the system, printed, then distributed to accounting staff.

Check and count stock according to the category set by the company, then put tags or stickers on the items that have been checked.

Submit the results of taking each category of goods to the data team to be entered into Microsoft Excel. This step shows a comparison of stock in the system with stock taking results.

If there is a discrepancy between the two, the employee needs to double-check to ensure there is a miscount or there is indeed a discrepancy in the number of items.

4. Completion Stage

The stock taking results are submitted to the accounting department for the process of adjusting the amount in the system. Then, the company can provide information that the stock taking has been completed.

That is an explanation of stock taking, which is an attempt to calculate the physical stock of an item in a warehouse before being traded

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