Logo Design in the Fastest Time Imaginable of Only 24 Hours: Far-Fetched or Reality?

In this era of rapid globalization, many individuals are constantly on the lookout to obtain information or services or products in the least amount of time possible, as they say, we are living in an age of instant access. It is quite impossible to obtain a professional logo design within a short time frame as it takes time for designers to brainstorm, conceptualize, and render the logo digitally. But there are more and more online logo companies out there challenging themselves in shortening their turnaround time for the initial design concepts.
Previously, a couple of days is the fastest waiting period but currently, 24 hours is the minimum amount of time required to get your logo. Long are the days when customers have to wait close to a week to obtain the initial concepts. However, at times, a fast turnaround time can be indicative of how the designs are quality-wise …

Fast Liquid and Reliable 24-hour Online Loans

Fast reliable 24 hour online loans. Is there really online credit? That’s a question that is often asked when I convey this Fintech innovation. There are 24 P2P institutions that provide 24-hour online loan cash. This is a list of cash loans online. Among them are money loan applications that can only be used for 30 days or online monthly loans directly liquid. What is a fast liquid online loan? All discussed thoroughly!

Everyone has faced the need for an emergency fund or a bailout.

The need for this money loan often comes suddenly, suddenly, urgently, needs to be met immediately, be it to pay health costs or pay off education funds.

Honestly, in this situation, except for credit card cash withdrawals (that is, if the limit is still there), there are not many choices. Because conventional financial institutions do not provide alternative pay Day loans for emergency needs that …

Tips to Deal With Mosquitoes During the Rainy Season

In the rainy season like now, very vulnerable to Dengue Fever. This should be a concern of the community to be more careful in maintaining health. Because, Dengue Fever cannot be underestimated.

Many victims have fallen because of the Dengue Fever case. Although only an intermediary for dengue virus, Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes breed more rapidly during the rainy season. Environmental conditions that support its development make the case of Dengue Fever increase. Though this Mosquito doesn’t like dirty places, the Aedes Aegypti Mosquito is easily found in puddles around the house.

Then, how to prevent it so that beloved families avoid the danger of Dengue Fever? It turns out that the steps are very easy to do. Here are some tips that anyone can run:

Schedule outdoor activities

Mosquitoes often roam around dawn, evening and dusk. To avoid being bitten, rearrange outdoor activities and activities when Mosquitoes roam.

Wear closed

Online Dating for Professionals – Find The Perfect Match For You

Some career oriented people and single professionals are still having a hard time getting into or getting back into the whole dating business. After pouring through chart after chart and report after report from the whole day’s work, some may not even have the time to go out, socialize and meet other people.
Technology and ingenious minds have made this dilemma quite solvable though the use of online dating. There are websites that cater to online dating for professionals. No, it is not a myth nor is it a hoax. A lot of websites are being put up especially to furnish the dating and socializing needs of single professionals. Single doctors, lawyers, businessmen, engineers, executives and all other people from virtually every industry in the planet can access these dating websites.
To find sites on online dating for professionals such as yourself, search the internet for online dating sites with …

Is Your Business a Household Name?

Every small business has a sign out in front of their building, it’s how people know where they are. Most people assume that this is enough for customers to remember who they are and where they are located. The facts don’t really play out that way. If you were to focus on a particular side of the street during your next drive to work, I bet you’d see a number of businesses that you’ve never noticed before. Imagine driving to work every day for years and never even noticing a particular business. The sad reality is that this occurs every day. I can recall commenting to my wife about a new business that I noticed on my way to work one day, and her telling me the business had been there for over a year.
Branding is something the big corporations have down to a tee. It could be the …

Even the Busiest Person Has Time to Network

As a busy executive with a fulfilling personal life, you probably do not prioritize business networking as an important activity to meet new contacts. There are just so many appointments involving so many people that it is difficult to think about meeting even more people, right?
Even if this seems logical, it is very wrong when you consider that, anyway, we meet lots of new people every day and this doesn’t alter our schedules, and also that if you do not expand regularly your circle of acquaintances, you could be jeopardizing your chances for business growth and success.
If you know 200 people, and your contacts know another 200 each, we’re talking about 40,000 potential leads right at your fingertips. You surely don’t want to miss your share of info on a good job, more clients, an opportunity for a deal, a writing assignment, an investment break, or the best …

5 Things I Miss (And 5 I Don’t) About Running an Ad Agency

I entered the ad business on the tail end of the “Mad Men” era and it’s been 11 years since I ran two of the largest Philadelphia area ad agencies, and even longer for the many years I spent in NY. I’ve been asked during the recent past whether I miss running ad agencies (no), and do I yearn to return to doing so (hell, no). Truth of the matter, the business has changed dramatically since I started the Strum Consulting Group in 1999. The business I left is far different from the communications agency business of today-and in many ways far less rewarding.
But to be fair, there are things I miss-here are 5 of them:
1. Winning new business-there’s nothing like competition and victory. I liked the camaraderie created by winning a heated competition for a major account along with the associated smug feeling of mental superiority. On …

A Brief Overview of Social Network Sites

Social network sites have nearly become an integral part of the regular human life. This sites have even attracted attention of the academic and industry researchers intrigued by their affordances and reach. This computer mediated communication has also enabled business professionals to serve their purpose of business networking.
The web based platform-otherwise called social network sites facilitates the exchange of thoughts, views thereby forming communities of like- minded individuals. Through social network sites individuals can create profiles which may be either private or public. Connecting individuals within a bounded system makes the world really look small. Business professionals can also make their presence count globally with some popular business networking sites. The sites allow individuals to browse through each other’s profiles and can even act as a communal force for shaping public opinion.
The number of business networking sites as well as social networking sites have increased enormously over the …