Basis Bank Card

Your payments shall be reported to Equifax, Experian and TransUnion . However, if you’ve not had any credit before and wish to make a start, these might have the impression you’re looking for. Aqua has requested we direct folks to our eligibility calculator, so solely those extra more likely to be accepted will really apply, decreasing demand and enquiry calls. It says it’s already overcapacity and needs to prioritise coronavirus help for weak people. The zero% spending period can be used to offer a respite from current money owed, however in a slightly extra roundabout way . Helpfully, our eligibility calculator can tell you if you’re pre-accredited for this card.

So, stop and assess why you’ve been turned down and then find the card more than likely to simply accept you. Every card company has their very own standards for lending, so even if one has rejected you, it doesn’t …

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