5 Things I Miss (And 5 I Don’t) About Running an Ad Agency

I entered the ad business on the tail end of the “Mad Men” era and it’s been 11 years since I ran two of the largest Philadelphia area ad agencies, and even longer for the many years I spent in NY. I’ve been asked during the recent past whether I miss running ad agencies (no), and do I yearn to return to doing so (hell, no). Truth of the matter, the business has changed dramatically since I started the Strum Consulting Group in 1999. The business I left is far different from the communications agency business of today-and in many ways far less rewarding.
But to be fair, there are things I miss-here are 5 of them:
1. Winning new business-there’s nothing like competition and victory. I liked the camaraderie created by winning a heated competition for a major account along with the associated smug feeling of mental superiority. On …