Why should writing articles be given such importance in the online marketing world? Is it true that it can bring more business than most other methods of online promotion? Here are some answers.
1. When you write articles about your business, you are stamping your expertise. Just because you are published on the Internet, a favorable impression about you is created in the minds of the readers. Your business, and your name itself, gain a fair degree of credibility.
2. Another reason why you should write articles is that it helps you gain an amazing amount of targeted traffic. Your articles are a big draw for people who are looking for information. You also have the option of adding your business link below the article, which helps bring a good amount of interested people to your website. As these people were already searching for information, they can be considered good prospects for your online business.
3. Writing articles is also a highly inexpensive method of SEO. If you write your articles yourself, then you do not have to spend anything in this activity. The best article directories are free. If you are looking at making your website popular on the Internet, this is a very good method of free marketing.
4. The articles that you write can give you ideas for better forms of marketing. For instance, you can collect the material contained in your articles, rework it a bit, and then make an eBook out of it. Thus, out of your article marketing efforts, you could graduate on to eBook marketing.
5. Articles are also a way for you to capture leads. When people click on the link of the website below the articles, you could have them go through a lead capture page. Here you ask people for their email ids, with the promise that you will never use it for any other purpose except to provide them with more information. Since people are getting something free, they will be likely to give their email ids. This becomes your list of leads. You could then communicate with these people through emails and try to get them further interested in your product. Thus, your articles could be a free and consistent method of getting leads for your business.
There are, thus, different ways in which article marketing can work for improving your business potential. Do consider this method of free marketing; you are missing a lot if you do not.

By Smiley